Works with The Healing Codes Company, which distributes teachings of a form of unconventional healing


“I know of nothing else that addresses and heals emotional and physical issues so effectively and completely”. – to quote from Dr. Ben.


Before winning the title of a doctor, Ben first has been a patient himself. Diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, a kind of un-treatable and incurable disease which claims the lives of 80% of those afflicted with it within 5 years and is unaware of ANY cases that have survived its devastating effects for more than 10 years basically, based on his own knowledge at that time, Ben knew that this could end his life soon. Until, the time he made a choice to enter the world of The Healing Codes, a stress healing program that he used to overcome his sickness.


Ben’s inspiration which he had out of his own self-experience has led him to be the founder and a former director of the Immune Recovery Clinic in Atlanta, Georgia for several years. Focusing his attention on The Healing Codes, Ben resigned in October 2004 to work full time on it with Alex Loyd, founder and discoverer of the said program.


Born and raised in North Georgia, Ben has attended nine recognized medical institutions. To cite some are: University of Health Sciences Kansas City, Missouri- where he got his title as a Doctor of Osteopathy – College of Osteopathic Medicine (1977-1981), United States School of Naturopathic Medicine Washington, D.C. where he had his title as a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (2001), and University of Science Arts & Technology Montserrat, West Indies entitling him a Doctor of Medicine (2004). Ben also had his Postdoctoral Career from 1981 to 1982 in Phoenix General Hospital – Rotating Internship – Phoenix, Arizona, from 1984 up to 1985 in Doctors Hospital Family Practice Residency - Tucker, Georgia and U.S. Army – Combat Casualty Case Course – Flight Surgeon School – FAA Air Craft Accident Investigation – CAMI.


Currently, Dr. Ben owns a company under his name Dr. Ben Johnson Services, LLC, A business that promotes products for natural health care.  He consults regularly with patients and health care professionals across the world and his expertise is centered in the field of complementary oncology. On other professional careers, Dr. Johnson’s book The Secret of Health: Breast Wisdom was officially recently released by Morgan James Publishing. Dr. Ben is completing two additional books. He has also co-founded Thermography Unlimited, LLC a company that provides thermal imaging cameras, reading services, and training throughout the country. Dr. Ben devotes a good portion of his time to spreading the word about thermography and is currently working to try to make thermography available nationwide. He has drawn the attention of the world to him, to be the only doctor to be featured in the hit phenomenon book and movie The Secret.

Dr. Ben is such a well-rounded person being an active member of Gospel Tabernacle Church in Chickamauga, Georgia, a husband to her wife Martha and a father to his growing family in Rossville. In his spare time, he enjoys bee keeping, horse back riding, hunting, skiing, scuba diving, and traveling.