I Can’t Take The Day Off ..

Someone wrote on a FaceBook Wall the following when a friend asked them to attend the “How To Apply The Secret Of Abundance” seminar: Gosh that sounds so cool! I read the book/watched the movie about 3 yrs. ago and it really stired something inside….hmmmmm…..I’d love to attend, but we’ll be in school. Thanks so […]

Where Does Money Come From? – Part 5

BrokeMan1So far I have shared about the spiritual side of money. We will get on to some strategies for building wealth soon.

In fact, I will give you a step-by-step process of how to make money and create financial abundance regardless of your present circumstance, age, country, race, colour, situation, skill, education or ability. However, the reason I have spent time on the non-physical aspect of money is because it is the root cause of poverty and lack in people’s lives.[…]